Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bumps in the curve

Just trying to install Google Desktop with Gadgets into Fedora Linux.

Ain't easy.

Fed9 default installer (add/remove software) is GPK package manager for gnome. It seems to only handle packages from fedora's repositories. Can't point it to other repositories and don't know how to make it handle things downloaded off the 'net.

Google's gadgets are not in .rpm packages ready to be installed.

Guess I have to figure out command line crap for yum and find where rpm is, and didn't I hear that "pirut" was the yum gui? where's it? COME ON PROGRAMMERS!, when you make a piece of software it needs to be ready to install with a double-click of a single file. I should be able to download a single file ( zip, tar, rpm, exe ) and then start it going and have it install. Under windohs the most I've ever had to do is unzip something and find the setup/install file inside and then manually start it.

Ok, Ok, OK. . . I'll go get a book on Linux command line crap. I guess years ago I did learn msdos and read books on windohs. I just thought in this age they would have made most things intuitive and gui. You know. . . for us old farts that have become to lazy to change the oil in our cars ourselves.

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