Thursday, June 19, 2008

Car Repair 1

The battery went dead on my Pontiac a few days ago. I tried charging it. It started that night but the next morning was dead again. Disconnected the battery and tested voltage ( 8 volts ), and then tested current with everything off, no key and doors closed. Got 3.0 amps of current. Something is on and draining the battery at 3.0 amps.

Found a auto mechanic source online and got advice. The normal current should be less than 0.2 amps.

Started pulling fuses a few at a time and then checking current. Went through all the fuses on the drivers side fuse box, then started on the passenger side fuse/relay box. Didn't get around to the primary fuse boxes under the hood. Found the problem in the passenger side box. With the "Trunk Release, RAC" fuse pulled the current is 0.35 amps for a few seconds and then goes to 0.01 amps.

Ran out of time so that's where I'm at now. Trunk release is self explanatory. The latch in back and maybe the button on the driver's door. Probably the wires going to the driver's door. Where they flex in the hinge area maybe. You can't flex a wire continuously without eventually breaking it. Don't know exactly what the RAC stands for, maybe Remote Access Control. That would be the system for the keyring button to unlock/lock the car.

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