Friday, June 20, 2008

Car Repair 2

I've left that fuse out for now. Reconnected the battery and put the charger on it for a couple of hours. It started last night, now we'll see if it starts this morning.

RAC is the keyless entry system. The keyring remotes aren't working and the electric door locks won't work either. The Unlock works from the door panels, but the lock does not. Probably a safety feature.

Next step is to continue to divide the problem circuit to identify the actual culprate. I figure first step is to locate the RAC module and unplug it, then check the circuit of that fuse again. I suppose I could measure the resistance to ground or better yet just put my current meter in place of the fuse to check the 3.0 amp loss as before.

Surfed the module and the official GM parts site had it at $100. Not bad considering it's a small computer and transmitter device.

more later....

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