Saturday, June 14, 2008

EMail to EMail

Transferring your email from Microsoft Outlook Express to Linux Mozilla Thunderbird in a dual boot system.

Windows and Linux are on seperate hard drives in my case. Windows cannot see the ext3 linux drive or files but Linux can read the fat32 drive and files.

Some Web Page I was browsing showed Thunderbird easily importing Outlook emails very easily. However this depends on which version of Thunderbird you have. A basic Linux version does not do it. So here's how I did it.

Boot Windohs. Download and Install a windohs version of Thunderbird. Start it up and follow the importing email from Outlook that automatically starts. This will create all your folders and emails and address book within Thunderbird's file formats. These are stored within your user's Application Data directory.

Boot Linux. Open two file manager windows. Set the first one to the windohs hard drive and locate the Thunderbird Mail directory. ( C:\documents and settings\YourNameHere\Aplication Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxx.default\Mail\ ) Here you'll find two folders, "Local Folders" and one that is your email login info.

Now open the second file manager window and find the linux location of these same folders ( home folder\thunderbird\xxxxx.default\mail\ ). In your home folder you may have to set the "show hidden files" under the "view" menu. Assuming you haven't downloaded messages into your linux thunderbird already, delete or rename the two folders located there and then drag and drop the windohs folders into the linux directory.

That's all there is to it. Your linux Thunderbird will now have all your Outlook messages.

For the address book, I'll work on that one.

(later) Ok, I'm back.

When windows thunderbird imports the outlook address book it puts it in a seperate address book and this can't simply be copied by file. The trick is to put all the addresses into thunderbirds primary address book and then do it. Open windohs thunderbird and then the address book. Your imported addresses are in a listing that is not the "personal address book". Go to them and then do a select-all and then drag and drop them into the "personal address book". Now boot Linux and open the file managers as before but one folder up from the mail folder as before ( home folder\thunderbird\xxxxx.default\ ) and then copy over the "abook.mab" file. That'll do it.

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