Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honesty Doesn't Pay

I recently started work as a contract worker at a major electronics corp. My wife is leaving her corporate job to pursue a home business. This means neither of us has access to any Benefits at all. No 401k, no Retirement, no Health Insurance.

I applied for a basic low cost health insurance with ODS-Companies. This is a high deductible coverage where we would pay our own cash for nearly everything except a major incident like getting "hit by a truck". We would have to pay out of our own pockets up to 10,000 dollars before ODS would pay a single lousy DIME! OK. . . that's what insurance means, insuring against a major accident.

The wife and I are reasonably healthy middle aged (40's) normal adults. I feel we have a typical medical record. Flu's, allergies, broken arm, some back pain, etc. Nothing major, just the standard getting older in life sort of things.

Well, ODS turned us down! Why. . . BECAUSE WE WERE HONEST on the application and actually told them about our medical history.

A couple years ago I worked a job which included driving all day. The lousy seat, rough roads, and traffic stress caused me to develop some pretty painful back spasms. I went to my doc and ended up doing some physical therapy at an out clinic for a few weeks and also a pain reliever prescription. No big deal, nothing expensive, not what you'd call a chronic condition. ODS turned me down because I checked the box "back injury for which you were treated".

A few years back the wife was going through a rough emotional time and her doc suggested some counseling and gave her a prescription for Prozac. She saw a therapist a half dozen times and occassionaly continues to use the anti-depressant prescription. No big deal, probably half the women in the country are on prozac. With the policy we applied for, we would be paying our own cash for the prescription and I doubt the wife would ever use enough counseling to meet our $10,000 deductible. But guess what, ODS turned her down because she checked the box "depression for which you were treated".

With a $10,000 high deductible "emergency only" type policy, neither of these problems would ever cause ODS to have to shell out a SINGLE DAMN PENNY, and yet they turned us down.

Turn us down??? . . . GO TO HELL ODS!

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