Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real Estate Professionulls

I don't know how I ended up on this site but it's good.

Free Protection for your computer.

First stretch the condom over your mouse. . . Oh, wait not that type of protection.

FIREWALL; I run Windohs-XP which comes with a built in firewall. It installed with the XP installation, runs automatically, and I don't think I've ever done anything with it. It says it's running but how would I know? My DSL-modem, the box that connects to the phone line, is our internet modem and also functions as a wireless router for the other computers in the house. It has a built-in firewall also. These two firewalls have never complained about one another, so I guess they're both happy.

ANTI-VIRUS; I use "Avast" which offers a free home version of its software. It scans your web pages and emails and what-not. It's a good warning system, but not great at cleaning up something that's already done. It continually updates itself with the latest info. Avast has a second part of its program called VRDB, virus recovery database. This constantly monitors your system so it can undo anything you might do. I disable this part. It constantly chews your hard drive and I don't care for programs which do this.

SCANNERS and CLEANERS; These are programs to search your hard drive files for viruses that have slipped past your protection and made it into your system. 1.) Avast has a scanner you can run manually. I'm not sure I've ever seen it find anything. 2.) SPYBOT, also known as Spybot-search-and-destroy. This will scan for viruses and also for advertising robots which are tracking your internet use and reporting to advertising databases. If your internet seems slow it could be because you have dozens of little programs trying to report to their companies every little thing your doing. I disable all of spybot's automatic functions and only run it manually every few months. It will scan your entire hard drive and I don't like programs which do this automatically all the time your computer is on, it's excessive use of your hard drive. 3). Ad-Aware, This is a program very similar to spybot. I run it like spybot, only manually. It's by a different company so one program will catch some things the other didn't. 4.) This one I like. Windows Live-OneCare Safety Scanner, This program runs in your internet browser (Internet Explorer only) so it must be downloaded and installed each time you use it. It takes time to download, install, and scan, but this program can do the job. This is the one which cleaned up the email spamming virus off my wife's computer when nothing else could detect it.

All of these programs are FREE. Norton and McAffee are the two big pay-for-them anti-virus programs, but I've heard many tales of people having one of them unable to detect and clean a virus and then loading and running the other program to finally get it to work. Even for the money, these programs aren't perfect, so you might as well use the free ones.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gettin' Old. . . 1

Don't you hate getting older. . .

like pulling a groin muscle while crossing your legs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Engineer,... Bad (#3)

You plug in a USB device into your computer. Windows "sees" it, and proceeds to install the device driver software. Things work fine.

Now you unplug it.

Later you plug it in again. Windows recognizes it and things work fine.

Then you unplug it.

Later you plug it in again, but this time into another USB socket on your computer. All USB's are the same you think. Then why does Windohs see it as a NEW Device that must have the device driver installed? I've already installed that software, why must I do it again?


Monday, July 21, 2008

Bad Engineer,. . . Bad (#2)

I have a microwave oven with a rotating table. Supposedly this helps making the cooking more even. The keypad input has some "one-button" short cut keys. If you press 1 thru 5 you get 1 to 5 minutes of time at high.

There is also a button at the bottom corner "add 30" which adds 30 seconds of high to the end of whatever program it's running or like above starts the oven with a setting of 30 seconds on high. These keys are great, I love one push initialization.

Now here's where one engineering department didn't talk to the other: the turn-table rotates at 3 rpm (revolutions per minute). Now think about that. You pick up your coffee cup by the handle and put it in the oven on the front of the table and press "add 30" to warm it up. It goes bing, you open the door, and. . . the cup is at the back with the handle the opposite direction.

I know it's a small thing, but I find it annoying. I'm peeved that some engineering didn't think this through before saying "good enough, send it to production". A simple programming change to "Add 20" or a change in the size of some plastic gear for 2 rpm.

Bad Engineer, Bad.... (#1)

I've always wanted to relate the stupid things some Engineers come up with. Bad engineering has always been a pet peeve of mine. So here's the start of a ongoing series.

When running a DVD when you want to pause you press "pause". When you want to resume playing you press "play".

When running a VCR you press "pause" to pause, but to resume playing you hit. . . "pause"?

What idiot came up with that? I can only assume it had something to do with toggling a state switch (pause, unpause) (pause-ON, pause-OFF). But why does the input have to follow the function of the electronics? If they corrected the scheme when DVDs came on the scene, why didn't they reprogram the newer models of VCRs also. Even if the hardware is required to remain the same for some reason the programming of the logic control would be the simplest thing I could imagine. Why?... I ask you WHY?


Here in the Socialist City of Portland in the People's Republic of Multnomah county they want everyone to give up their cars and ride bicycles. They call this and themselves Progressive.

Now true the automobile has not been around that long (100 years or so), but when did mankind last use his own leg/muscle power to travel long distances? That would be before mankind started RIDING HORSES.

Yes, to them being progressive means turning back the clock 4000 years or so.

Was it biodegradable?

Working at HP I sometimes Google news of "hp". Found this item this morning.

Friday, July 11, 2008

questionable logic is an oxymoron

Or just a moron.

Let me get this straight. In my program I write the code x = 23, the variable who's name is x binds to and creates an object who's "name" is X and who's type is integer. The object has an attribute named 'value' who's data (or value) is set to '23'. Alright, fine and dandy. Later in my program I write x = 14. Instead of changing the data of the attribute of the object who's name is X and whose location is pointed to (bound) by the variable X, the program rebinds X to a new object, which is also of type integer, and also has an attribute named 'value' who's data has now been set to 14.

But no. . . we'll never need more than 640k of memory.

When it's foobar use the "FUBar"

Reading up on Python programming I've come across many examples where the programmer at a loss for variable names to use in the generic example uses: foo, bar, and foobar.

Wikipedia goes into the many relations including the military origins of FUBAR and SNAFU. Then of course there's the Stanley "FUBar" (Functional Utility Bar).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

kill me now. . .


need I say more? (Gordon understands)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Campaign Planks are a rottin'

Why is it one the major points both candidates are making is "I'm not Bush".

Hello people! Wake UP! Bush has already served 2 terms. HE'S NOT RUNNING FOR THE POSITION!

What exactly are they trying to say? Has any president ever came into office and said "I'm not gonna change a thing and just keep doin' what the last guy did."???

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oddest Thing. . .

A number of years back I got up early one saturday or sunday and was standing in the living room with a cup of coffee looking out the front picture window. Looking out over the front lawn to the neighborhood street.

Just about then a man came walking down the sidewalk, paused, and then walked across our front lawn to the flower border under the window and began picking a yellow rose off one of bushes by bending the stem back and forth till it came off. I tapped lightly on the window, he made a shrug/gesture of apology and then continued down the sidewalk.

So what's odd you ask? . . .

He was wearing a Confederate civil war uniform.

No, I'm not making this up.

Odd things #1

Heard some noise outside and looked out the window at the neighbor. . .

who is wearing a coonskin cap.

No kiddin'


Whoever came up with the idea of "covering the majority of your property with a plant that has to be pruned 30 or more times a year"?

Was it a work-aholic?
A wife who wanted her husband to spend more time at home?
People with servants?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beginning of the End -or- End of the Beginning?

Well the experiment into Linux is foundering on some rocks.

Main application problems are DeltaCad and Quicken. DeltaCad runs under linux-wine but does so only fair. Tried a couple of linux quicken substitutes. The problem is importing the old quicken records. No program does a good job of importing anything if the data structures of the programs are different.

System problems: haven't even tried to get the wireless home networking working under linux yet. I admit there's not a great need for home networking, using the other printers or transferring the rare file or two. My printer is the only scanner in the house though. Second problem is printing. Basic print drivers work, but without all the option settings. Downloaded a linux HP driver suite with gui and after several installs it began to work. Some options are there, but not like the full windows-HP software. Also found the printer wouldn't print a nice dark black. Maybe it was trying to make black from the three colors instead of the black ink cartridge, who knows. . . I thought I had that option set correctly.

Well I'm back to windows as primary again. I may continue to play with Linux, but will be doing my work on windohs. Found out I've been playing with Linux for so many weeks that when I did the books and paid bills yesterday, that it had been a long time and I had a couple of overdue bills!