Monday, July 21, 2008


Here in the Socialist City of Portland in the People's Republic of Multnomah county they want everyone to give up their cars and ride bicycles. They call this and themselves Progressive.

Now true the automobile has not been around that long (100 years or so), but when did mankind last use his own leg/muscle power to travel long distances? That would be before mankind started RIDING HORSES.

Yes, to them being progressive means turning back the clock 4000 years or so.


Greg said...

They're only using the word "Progressive" because they have trashed the word "Liberal" into an obscenity. Classical Philosophical Liberalism has almost no relation whatsoever to modern American Liberalism. When they do the same thing to progressivism, they'll need a new buzzword to hide under again. Whatever they call it, just remember it's all about power and control.

Gordon R. Durand said...

In New York city in 1900 horses deposited 2,500,000 pounds of manure and 60,000 gallons of urine every day. And every year the city removed an average of 15,000 dead horses from the streets.

Mmmm.... What's that smell?