Friday, July 11, 2008

questionable logic is an oxymoron

Or just a moron.

Let me get this straight. In my program I write the code x = 23, the variable who's name is x binds to and creates an object who's "name" is X and who's type is integer. The object has an attribute named 'value' who's data (or value) is set to '23'. Alright, fine and dandy. Later in my program I write x = 14. Instead of changing the data of the attribute of the object who's name is X and whose location is pointed to (bound) by the variable X, the program rebinds X to a new object, which is also of type integer, and also has an attribute named 'value' who's data has now been set to 14.

But no. . . we'll never need more than 640k of memory.

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