Monday, August 4, 2008

IT non-Support

This morning I got to work and turned on the laptop. I always shut down for the weekend. I should also mention I have a LCD monitor which I've connected to the external video connection of the laptop to have two displays.

Anyway, I hit the power button and as it boots I smell burning electronics. As it continues to boot I determine that yes it is coming from the fan vent of the laptop. The smell diminishes and the boot continues so I let it go. The second monitor doesn't want to work though. I try resetting the dual display settings and for a brief flicker the second monitor shows a desktop image. It does this each time I change the settings, but other than that brief flicker the monitor is blank. The laptop monitor and the rest of the laptop seems ok.

I inform the boss and he wants it fixed before it decides to totally bite the dust. OK. Enter I.T. Non-Support.

Start with the help icon in the tray. Which opens their web page full of useless advice. I search, but guess what. . . there's no category or FAQ about "smelled smoke and now second monitor dosen't work". There's also no category for "please come fix my laptop", but I kinda figured that wouldn't be there.

Now to the "live chat" with an IT specialist. Why this is better for them then talking to me on the phone I don't know, but hey, I'm game. Type in the explanation, and wait. Finally get a reply and then they download my computer info. What brilliant advice do I get. . . you got it. . . "Have you tried downloading the latest video drivers?"

Duuuuuuuude. . . It worked Friday, Monday it SMOKED, and now it doesn't work! Do you really think new video drivers are going to help?

Ok, so we progress to the official opening of a "trouble ticket". Lot of good that'll do. The last two tickets I've had open were both closed with nothing being done.

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Greg said...

well.....If the computer still works,it wasn't the power supply or the motherboard that smoked. Amusingly enough, I just was looking at an article on changing a laptops' graphics card:
Bear in mind that working on laptops is more like watch repair than the lego set arrangement in a desktop. That's why it's almost prohibitively expensive to have it done in a shop. If you're desperate though....