Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Before" pictures

Left side of old B-Nook. Will be Refrig, 2nd oven, microwave, toaster, and peninsula.

Right side of old B-Nook. Will be baking center with cutting board countertop. That's the new Fridge.

Left of south wall, main kitchen. Will have built-in dishwasher.

Right side of south main area. current corner lazy-susan has a angled countertop. This prevents reaching to the far corner of the wall cabinet.

left side of west wall. New lazy susan will have a square corner countertop and the inside turning trays will be nicer and easier to reach things.

right side of west wall. Stove will move slightly to left, and have a 12" cabinet on right side of stove. A vent hood above stove will duct thru soffit to left and out the exterior wall.

left side of north wall. door to rest of house. Will have shallow hutch style pantry cabinet on north wall.

right side of north wall. exit to back door and basement.

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