Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Elbow Room

This morning I had a Windohs popup show up that warned me I was nearly out of space on my main hard-drive. It's a 15 Gigabyte and I had 194Mb left.

My first computer: 64k of ram, 0k hard-drive. When you wanted to do word processing you stuck the 5-1/4 word-processer floppy into the external floopy drive and then went for a cup of coffee. When you came back then you could begin typing. (Commadore-64)

First "PC" computer: 640k of ram, 40 Mbyte hard-drive. The OS was MSDOS-3.0 and the "desktop" was an ASCII text menuing program. I ran programs like Quattro-pro 1.0 and Word-Perfect 1.0. Now days minimum RAM is 25 times bigger than the entire hard-drive of this PC. Never did fill that drive. (the computer was AMD-286 16Mhz)

Next was a 75Mhz Pentium, then my current 1Ghz Pentium-III.

I bought a second 80Gbyte drive to test Linux. I think I'll look into swapping it into the C-drive location if I can find some free ghosting software.

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Greg said...

What? no terabyte drive? Let's get with the 21st century here. Even my midrange, now two year old laptop has a 120gig HD.
And if we're going to date ourselves, my first computer class was Fortran programming--on IBM punch cards, lined up in shoeboxes. A hard drive back then was the size of a dishwasher.