Thursday, August 7, 2008

Them's good eatin'

Ok,. . . it's the last line that bothers me.
Power shut at rat-infested Ore. home
8/6/2008, 8:55 p.m. PDT The Associated Press

SUTHERLIN, Ore. (AP) — Douglas County officials ordered the power shut off at a rat-infested Sutherlin home.

Aaron Yuma of the Building Department inspected the property last week and deemed the home's electrical wiring unsafe because of the damage caused by gnawing rats.

Yuma says the place has hundreds of holes through the interior and exterior walls, and the rats destroyed most of the water distribution lines and electrical wiring.

The council declared the property a nuisance in March and subsequently hired a pest-removal company that trapped about 800 rats in two months. An exterminator from Portland was then called in to place bait boxes in the home.

Code enforcement officer John Hebard says the residents are still living in the house and likely want to stay.

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Greg said...

Gordon blogged a story a while back about how grey squirrel is in high demand on menus in England, so much so that the restaurants have a hard time with supply. Now as I said then, dressed out of their fancy suits, and laid side by side, I challenge anyone to tell the difference between them and rats. I guess that's the definition of "omnivore": capable of eating anything that doesn't eat us first.