Saturday, August 16, 2008

We don't take no stinkin Passports!

We needed to have some documents notarized yesterday so we went to a local Postal Annex store.

I'd always assumed a Notary Public is a specific person who is trained and licensed by the state in documents and forms of identification. First shock. . . the only person in the place is a young sales girl. Sure, she'd be happy to notarize the papers. Second, today's Notary Seal of authentication is. . . a rubber stamp.

I had assumed that we would need two pieces of id or something really major. I had always assumed that The major, most authentic, piece of ID you could have in the United States is a current Passport. We had recently renewed ours (the new style with all the anti-forgery printing including the embedded microchip) so I took those with us.

I was told that they "do not accept United States Passports as ID".

She gladly took our drivers licenses and asked for nothing else.

In a state where any illegal alien with forged documents can get a driver's license, this is all she asked for.

I'm beginning to put "nation" together with "hell in a hand-basket".

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