Thursday, September 11, 2008


Met with the local cabinet shop last night. Decided to go with them over HomeDepot. HD would have been about $8500 and the cabinet shop will be about $10000. A difference of $1500. But that gets a better quality cabinet, custom fit to our room (no filler pieces in between cabinets), without the problems of fitting a standard factory size cabinet into the one or two problem places.

Instead of going with clear finished cherry we've decided on alder with a cherry stain. This will provide a more even color and the natural cherry darkens in sunlight. The darkening looks fine, but it doesn't darken where the doors cover it so when you open the door you get an ugly look. Alder is cheaper but with the labor to stain it's a wash. The real savings will be installing them myself which I was going to do anyway with HomeDepot.

The countertop brand the cabinet shop carries priced out very expensive (with installation) so I'm still looking.

I said to Beth 'with the cabinet's higher cost we could do cabinets this year and countertops and appliances next year'. I don't think she took me seriously.

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