Monday, September 15, 2008

kitchen status

No pictures at the moment.

The walls are now stripped down to the studs and cleaned up. We still have most of the flooring to tear out. We're removing the vinyl and 3/8" particle board and the tile under that to get down to the original fir floorboards. The stuff comes up easy enough, it's pulling out all the staples that held the particle board that is a pain. ( Hey Beth, I have a job for you . . .)

I'm starting to place the new outlet and switch boxes and begin running some of the electrical. The hardest part of that is figuring out what to connect to what circuit. The existing circuits are a resuult of several modifications over the 80 year life of the house. Anyway, Sunday, I stood in the kitchen with all my diagrams and spreadsheets of the existing circuits and finally figured out a reasonably simple plan. It only involves two new circuit breaker circuits. One for all the plugs in the old breakfast nook, and one 220v for the second oven we'll eventually put in.

The cabinet guy is supposed to show up today to measure things out.

I'm starting to get estimates on countertops, but I'm also thinking I might do them myself. There's an internet company that will sell solid surface material directly to the homeowner. (most all stores only sell through installers). The stuff (Corian, etc.) cuts and routers like hardboard and glues together with epoxy. You don't have to be neat with the epoxy either because you just sand and polish down the seam afterwards. I think I could work it. It would save 50% of the cost and that's $1500 we could use elsewhere.

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