Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PGE's Electric Car Charging Stations

Several New Electric Car Charging Stations Now In Portland-Area

I have to laugh at parts of this article.

Currently the charging stations are free. I can't wait until some guy pulls his electric car up to find an extension cord plugged in that leads into the bushes to some homeless bum and his electric blanket.

They also plan on utilizing power from the car's during peak power usage. I can just see it; you commute to work and pull up knowing you've got just enough charge to make it home, so you plug in to top it off. Then you come out after work to find your car dies three blocks down the road!

They will eventually install debit card readers to pay for your fill up. How many times will you find that someone switched cords during half the day? Will they charge you for a fill up but not credit you for draining your battery during peak usage times?

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