Monday, September 8, 2008


Well we're two weeks into the kitchen remodel and already behind schedule.

I didn't recall just how much work demolition of Lathe and Plaster can be. I only figured one week and it's definitely going to take two full weeks. That's ok we still haven't ordered cabinets yet. The estimate from the local cabinet shop came in and it's quite a bit more than factory cabinets from Home Depot. I just have to convince Beth that factory cabinets will be fine.

This week is more lathe and plaster and tearing up old flooring.

Week 4: electrical
week 5-7: subfloor, sheetrock, and taping and finishing.

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Aunty Joy said...

Randy, I am enjoying your kitchen remodel (almost as much as you will enjoy the kitchen when it is done) and probably a lot more than you and Beth do now. Thanks for doing this blog. I wish Gordon had been home to do one on his whole house remodel. Mahalo, Joyce