Monday, September 29, 2008

Sheetrocking Begins

The insulation in the breakfast nook is completed and I set up dad's sheetrock lifter. It's large and awkward at times but you really can't do without it. Beth shoveled the plaster from the demolition into the trailer this last week and took it to the county dump/transfer site. This weekend we got the sheetrock up on the ceiling. It's a slow start on the sheetrock, but the cabinets won't be ready soon anyway so we've got plenty of time to let the schedule slip. I've gone from thinking the kitchen will be done for Thanksgiving to maybe done for Christmas. It really hasn't been that bad. The stove and refrigerator have remained in the kitchen and work. The kitchen sink has been kept functional and the dishwasher was a roll-around model anyway, so we're really not doing without anything. Countertop space is the only thing missing at the moment, that and having half the kitchen in the kitchen and half in the dining room.

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