Monday, September 1, 2008

Walls and Floor demolition

Labor Day. Began removing some baseboard and door/window trim, then started on the floor for the heck of it. One reason I'm pulling up the floor is the top of the current vinyl is 9/16" above the hardwoods of the hallway. That's quite a toe kicker actually. I'm taking it down to the original Fir flooring. The rest of the house is Oak flooring, but kitchens and bathrooms were done in Fir. There is some remains of an early sheet flooring under the cabinets. Just some fiber backing material (asbestos?). That was removed and the square yellow and green tile put in. This was covered with 3/8" particle board with the white vinyl on it.
I set my skilsaw to just cut through the particle board and cut the vinyl and particle into roughly 12" squares. Made it easy to pry up with a crowbar. I've only completed a part of the room today. ( I'm ready to go back to work and get some rest. )
The stove area. An empty hole, a 120v plug and gas pipe for gas stoves and a 220v plug on the floor for the electric. Other than replace the plugs with new for good conductivity, I'll keep both options. The stove is moving, but only a few inches to the left.
How it currently stands.