Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend 2, Lathe and Plaster

We've finished the lathe and plaster tearout in the main kitchen area, but still have the breakfast nook to go. The white stack in this picture is a heating duct going up to the 2nd floor. It's a standard sheet metal duct, but is wrapped in Asbestos. Since the asbestos is contained in the wall and the inside of the duct is metal we'll leave sleeping dogs lie.
Here's the west wall. It looks like this is where the original sink was located. Strange it wasn't under the windows, maybe the windows were added later.
The lower half of the north wall. Here you see where a lot of new electrical and plumbing was ran when that was redone years ago. The white/gray column is the chimney of the furnace and water heater.
Here's the upper half. You can see where this chimney also had an duct for a wood burning kitchen stove. However, there is also an original wiring box for 220 volt. Whether the original was a wood stove or whether the wiring is not quite original I can't say.

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