Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Monday

I sometimes wish I had three day weekends, two just doesn't seem long enough. I've had three day weekends in the past, but at the expense of 10 or 12 hour work days. That didn't work as well because with 10 or 12 hour days you don't seem to get anything done in the evenings and your so exhausted by the long days that one of the weekend days is just to recovery. Four 8 hour days would be nice (with a 40 hour paycheck of course).

Well the badge opened the door this morning so I guess I'm employed for another week. I really must keep some motivation to actually do some work. After all they are still paying me even with the impending cloud of doom hanging and I really need to be laid-off not fired.

I've looked into what unemployment benefits would be and balanced out the accounts this weekend to get an idea of where things stand. It's not as gloomy as I first imagined. We should be fine for a number of months, just hope the economy is not as blasted to heck by this liberal mortgage mess as it sometimes appears.

Read a good one this morning; If Barack The Messiah is elected and manages to stay in office for the whole of one term, it will be the longest he's held a steady job.

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