Friday, October 31, 2008

Hillary for President?

Wow. . . I'm expecting a couple of days of a couple of riots here and there, but this ladies' scenario is like the worst-case ever. (The Perfect Coup).

Her theory is this;
Obama wins election day.
Obama is afterward proven unqualified to be President.
The electoral college is forced to chose Hillary as president based on: 1) a democrat win on election day, 2) Hillary's second place posting in the primary, and 3) Hillary having actually won the popular vote count of the primary. Biden is made Vice-President.
The House and Senate are forced to ratify it.
Riots by Obama supporters lead to serious general civil unrest.
Martial law is implemented.
The National Guard is not enough, the Military is called in.
The U.N. and Mexican and Canandian troops come in for assistance.
After a year of martial law . . . and so ends chapter one.

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