Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I still don't get it . . .

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack ---- Hussein ---- Osama,

What were Democrats thinking? I realize it's just a name, just words, but really, in a game of popularity like politics the right look, the right sound, the right mannerisms make a lot of difference to voter's who don't have time or inclination to read up on issues. I mean think of what would be said if the Republicans had nominated a man named "William Adolph Bushe".

When the primaries started and the field was full of possibilities on both sides there were three people I seriously thought had no chance. 1) Hillary; in my opinion nobody would want to see Bill Clinton back in the White House in any way, shape, or role. To see him chasing interns in our nation's capitol again? I just couldn't see it. 2) McCain; he's already ran twice and didn't make it. Did Republicans really want to put forth a two time loser. . . again? 3) and finally Obama; it just hasn't been that long ago, and we're still fighting a war. I just couldn't see a name familiarity like Obama/Osama making it in American politics at this time. The three I thought had no chance made it to the top.

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Greg said...

And in an interview with Stephanopolis, Barry referred to "my Muslim faith". OOPS. My bad, just a slip-o-the-tongue, nuthin' to see here folks, just move along.
Not that he's any more Muslim than Christian (and what's supposed to be wrong with that anyway?), but as we all know the MSM is so far in the tank for him they're competing with the undergravel filter for sucking up.
Who or what is Barry really? I don't think even he knows. His whole life has been self-promotion, but what that self really is is somewhere to the left of Mao Tse Tung or Joe Stalin.
If we have to live with Obamanation for the next four years, it'll be very interesting to watch the inevitable meltdown.