Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kitchen actually making progress again.

This weekend I finally feel like I'm making some progress again on the kitchen. The only thing I did last weekend was get in a load of sheetrock from the lumber store. This weekend I finished hanging the sheetrock in the breakfast nook and both the east and north walls of the kitchen and even one piece on the west wall.

Here is a picture of the north wall being shimmed out to be flush with the stove pipe. I put another full sheet of plywood above the one in the picture. This will give mounting for the cabinets that go here.
Here's the same sheetrocked wall. You can just see the stove pipe underneath the clock.
The sheetrock lifter is used for more than just the ceiling.
Here's the original framing of the breakfast nook arch. This was covered with short pieces of lathe and plastered.
Here I've replaced the lathe with 1/4" plywood bent into place.
The sheetrocked breakfast nook.

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