Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitchen marches slowly on.

Things are moving slowly on the kitchen remodel. I've had a pinched nerve in my neck/back for 6 weeks or so and just haven't felt up to a lot of work. Add to that a mild ulcer from job/financial stress and I've been moving rather slowly lately. Or it could be not having coffee in 4 weeks.. .

This weekend I finished some minor details but no sheet-rocking. I used up the sheetrock we had last weekend and haven't made the trip to the lumberyard with the trailer for more. Finished out the insulation of the exterior walls. Also finished the shimming of the wall with the chimney. The chimney has a 8" clay pipe sticking out of it for the original wood stove. Instead of trying to tear it out and re-mortar the brickwork I'm letting it be and extending the studs out to the point where the sheetrock will be flush with it and make for a flat surface. This will require 1-1/4" of material. I've shimmed the studs with 1/4 plywood then covered most of the wall with 1/2" plywood. Following this with 1/2" sheetrock will do it. The sheetrock will still have a hole cut in it for the pipe, but will fill in flush with joint compound. The 1/2" plywood will give something for the pantry cabinets to mount into without concern for where studs or the chimney are located.

The other work this weekend was scraping the exterior window sills. The paint on these is absolutely cracked and peeling. The wood is also cracked somewhat on 2 of the 3 and the third is not only severly cracked but has some rot. As Greg would say "where do you stop?". I not going to do a This-Old-House. I scrapped and sanded, then jammed nearly a full tube of caulk into all the cracks and joints, then painted with a good primer. The dry-rot area I filled with some wood-filler and then caulk. It's a pretty hokey repair, but I'm going for mostly-water-tight not structural soundness. I just had to draw the line somewhere. Shhhh... don't tell dad.

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