Saturday, October 4, 2008

Side note

A side note on the kitchen demolition.

When we took down the lathe and plaster from the walls (ceilings were left as is) we seperated the wood lathe from the plaster. The wood was taken to a recycle yard. The plaster was piled in the driveway. Beth then shoveled it into the trailer and took it to the dump.

I was just looking at the receipt from the dump and was astonished at the weight! Granted it may have gotton rained on a little, but this is only the plaster from the walls.

1,360 pounds!


Gordon R. Durand said...

According to my pocket reference, plaster weighs 53 pounds per cubic foot. At 1/2 inch thick, that's 2.2 pounds per square foot, or, with nine foot ceilings, 20 pounds per lineal foot of wall.

No. It does not compute.

OK. Suppose I'm wrong by 50% on both: Plaster weighs 80 pounds per cubic foot. At 3/4 inch thick that's 5 pounds per square foot, or with nine foot ceilings, 45 pounds per lineal foot of wall.

Thirty feet of wall? It's possible.

Randy Durand said...

My rough estimate is 510 square feet of wall. At 9' that's 56+ feet of wall.

Plaster is fairly thin, 1/4" in some areas. At just over 3/8" this gives 17 cubic feet and at 60 lbs that's 1026 total.

hmmm, lathe and plaster is more like concrete with sand, not like plaster-o-paris or gypsum. It could be rated heavier.