Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish.

One on the things we contract workers at Atch.Pee.have been doing is watching the phone book. The HP online "people finder" phone listing includes office location, department, manager, and if your a "contingent worker" it not only says that but it says when your contract is due to expire. Generally this is set at 2 years from when you're hired. This week mine was changed from 4-27-2010 to 11-27-2008.

Makes me think longingly of just being the village sandwich-maker.

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Greg said...

When I left Douglas Community Hospital, it had been circling the drain for a couple of years. It took a couple more for the final "schlooop", but it did happen. One snarky comment I got was about rats deserting a sinking ship. To which the only reasonable reply is "rats are survivors!" In my case I worked my last DCH shift on a Sunday evening, then started at RVMC Monday morning. I hope that your future transitions could work so well. And who knows--the unthinkable could happen and they offer you a permanent position.