Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ted Kulongoski is nuts . . .

The latest global warming idiocy from our esteemed left-wing governor is a MANDATE to have
"net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for homes and buildings by 2030".

The left of course don't bother to explain how they propose to do this.

Well let's see. . . if the home were to use only electricity and you could somehow claim that all the electricity came from zero gas emission production methods then I suppose that might be a zero greenhouse gas emission home.

But what about . . . the hundreds of thousands of homes that use natural-gas for heating, or natural gas for cooking, or wood-stove owners, or people who occasionally have a fire in their fireplace or let's nit-pick it down to everyone who lights a candle. What about these homes? The only way for them to be "Net" zero is to produce energy. Not just conserve energy or use less or buy their energy from zero-emission sources, but to actually produce energy.

All new homes which choose natural gas will be mandated to also install and operate solar or wind energy production equipment. Also, this energy can not be used within the home that generates it. The amount of energy of the natural gas going into the property must be equaled by an equal amount of energy going off the property in order to come to a mathematical Net-Zero.

The natural gas and propane industry is going to have a cow . . .

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