Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wall Street Mental Health and Addiction

Last night the US Senate passed a bill to so call "rescue" Wall Street mortgage speculators from this so called "Crisis". I won't get into what I think of this mess itself, what I'm laughing at today is the Senate's Bill. Last night during my commute home I heard on the radio that the bill includes numerous pork barrel projects; millions of dollars to cut 6 minutes off the Portland to Seattle Amtrak run, money for rum (not kidding), and various other nonsense.

With the public eye on them closely I couldn't believe they were trying to pork barrel this bill. Today I looked up the Senate roll call vote on this bill to see whether our senators voted for it. What I cracked up over was what the bill is titled . . .

H.R. 1424 (Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 )

Then the light bulb clicked and all the pieces fit together. A few days ago they said the Senate can't initiate a bill like this, that it has to come from the House. Well they didn't initiate a bill. They took this little pork barrel bill which started out in the House as a Mental Health proposal and amended it to include the $700 billlion wall street bailout. After all, with the the US economy staring at another Great Depression (so called), they couldn't very well ignore the protocol procedural rules of their little senatorial cliche. (REPOST amendment: Ok, it's not just procedural rules but the Constitution, but really was this the only bill lying around? )

Since the bill is now amended it goes back to the House. Personally I think both the Senate and the House could use a little mental health and pork-addiction treatment.

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