Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who we're really voting for.

Gordon's post reminded me of something that's been mentioned once or twice around the work-place.

We're probably not voting for McCain or Obama, but rather Palin or Biden. Why? because regardless of who wins neither will probably serve out a complete term. One by natural causes and the other by un-natural cause (in a nation of 330 million there's probably at least one nut job who'll get pushed over his limit).

I'm voting for Palin myself and hoping McCain can hold off the heart attack for 2 years to allow Palin to run for two more terms.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

The actuarial tables don't look good for McCain (although his 96-year-old mama tends to offset that), but I don't know about the odds for Obama. They don't make 'em like James Earl Ray (or Henry Clay Wilson, or "Raoul"; whatever) anymore. More likely Obama will finish his four years, retire in disgrace like Jimmy Carter, and be replaced by Sarah Palin.

In fact I'm already bracing myself for the bad news on November 5th. I have the headline ready--"Alaska Wins!" The rest of us will survive, poorer but wiser.

Some people say that the worst thing about an Obama presidency is that with majorities in both houses he'll get the Supreme Court judges he wants. Problem for him is, the two most likely to want replacing are Stevens and Ginsberg. Liberals both.