Monday, November 10, 2008

Further rumors

I went through all the phases of grief when I thought I was going to be laid off. I'm at the point where I've accepted it and am looking forward to being on the government dole (unemployment) for the first time in my life. I was looking forward to some vacation, some rest for my back, to get some kitchen remodeling done.

May not happen.

There's an engineer here who has been assuming that when his technician leaves that I'll be the one to help with his projects. He's even spoken with the manager about it. According to him I'm not to be laid off. I've never approached the manager (none of us Techs have). He's not an approachable person and there is no answer to "how secure is my job?" anyway, so none of us have bothered to try to find out. We just come in each week and wait for the axe on Friday. Such is the life of a contract worker in hard times.

I had assumed I was being laid off because my "contract end date" in the online employee phonebook was changed from 2 years from my hire date to the end of November. Other Techs have seen this and got it. The engineer says this must have been a mistake in my case and says it'll be changed.

I've made as much in this 6-1/2 months as I made all last year (though Beth is without her corporate job now). I was ready for some vacation.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

Live with the uncertainty; you'll come to appreciate it. I sat in an HP cubicle from November 2000 through May 2003--all through the bust and the Carly downsizing--and never once felt my contract threatened. People all around me got layoffs, buyouts, transfers. I just showed up and did my job.

I will warn you though: another six months of being treated as a valued asset instead of a wage slave and you'll be unfit for chattel employment ever again.