Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Medical status

Went to my Doc yesterday. I figured I should get a medical opinion before continuing with chiropractors or other things. General consensus is a pinched nerve from inflamed soft tissues in the spinal column or perhaps a swollen disc. Probably not a bone chip or fractured vertebrae. Probably in the C6 area (I was thinking C7). Chiropractor would be ok, or Physical Therapy with traction if I want to pay for either course. In the meantime I'm on Prednisone to reduce the soft tissue swelling and Percocet for the pain. I'll do the drugs for now and maybe do some more massage/chiropractor later if still needed.

Doctor's visit and both prescriptions $125 on the barrel head. A lot cheaper than insurance premiums so far. Though if I end up needing an MRI and surgery we're talking a couple of years worth of premiums.

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