Friday, November 21, 2008


Monday was a chiropractic adjustment. Tuesday was a massage. Wednesday was a deep tissue therapeutic massage and then a chiropractic adjustment. Wednesday I left work at 1pm because of the pain and the loopiness and nausea of the pain meds. Thursday I left work at 12 noon. Friday I didn't go to work at all. There's been a few times this week when it's just gotten to be too much and all I could do was cry and sob. Partly for the pain, partly for it being there so long, and partly for the worry of what's to happen. Friday I saw my doctor again, then in the afternoon saw an acupuncturist (Beth's and her moms idea). The acupuncture didn't seem to do much good but they say the first time can be like that. There were moments when it did seem to have affects, so I may try again. The doctor renewed my pain meds (percocet, I do about 3 a day) and we agreed to go the next step. I'm scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday morning. On the home front I continue with some stretching, some exercise, and rigged my traction sling to my weight bench so I can lay down and have the neck traction. Without have to lift the weight of the head I can get the same effect with 5 lbs rather than 16 (much easier on the jaw and teeth). It doesn't seem to help a whole lot but at least it makes me think I'm doing something. That's been one of the problems with this whole mess is nothing seems to do a whole lot.


Gordon R. Durand said...

I've had a bad back for twenty years, and it comes of

1. sitting on my butt forty hours a week, and

2. doing manual labor on the weekends.

With me, though, the symptom is not pain—sometimes I think pain would be easier to handle—but an itching sensation, deep inside the joints of my back where I can't scratch and I can't get any relief. Sometimes it gets so bad I want to scream.

Then I'd twist my arm up behind my back and use my thumb or knuckle to press hard right up next to my spine and I'd find these little lumps about the size of a pea that hurt like blazes when I pressed them. But I'd mash them down hard and rub them around and after awhile the itching sensation would subside.

Last Christmas Leslie bought me one of these Back Buddy Massage Cane gadgets. At the time I thought it was pretty silly, but I've kept it at my desk ever since and I use it all the time.

Still, like I say, I haven't experienced pain; not yet. If I did I would chemical relief, legal or otherwise. I've always felt that one of cruelest things our government ever did—and it has done a great many very cruel things—was to outlaw morphine.

Greg said...

I'm very wary of even presuming to offer medical advice except to say that a problem of this serious magnitude does warrant some serious diagnostic work. To that end the MRI is certainly a good tool, but like any tool it needs to be used by the appropriate craftsman. As frightening as the expense may be without insurance, finding the right consults with a neurologist and/or orthopedic specialist may be key.
I fully appreciate chiropractic work and any alternative medical approaches that work, but you have to ask if they're addressing symptoms or causes. Sleuthing out the causative injury is what a real diagnostician is for. Don't give up in frustration--it sometimes takes a while to find the right guy for the job. I would even look for the guy who has D.O. instead of M.D. after his name. Osteopaths have an orientation more toward the musculo-skeletal nature of your problem. I have endless admiration for those physicians who know when to refer to more specialized experts. Let's find the one who can get to the root of the problem. Good luck.

Randy Durand said...

Many thanks to the two faithful readers of this blog. Love and admire you both, always have.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else actually follows the blog. I know some of the family read occasionally, especially the kitchen remodel series, but I wonder about others. I've had a couple of comments over the months. The blog is open for searches and this sometimes gets a reader. However in some aspects a blog is like a diary, you don't expect it to be read, it's just a tool of expression and catharsis.