Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Questions I have

I want to know: why are his personal records "sealed" from public view at so many places, his birth certificate, his college records, his master's thesis, his work records at his previous employment. If Obama is elected, 350 million people will be under his leadership. 350 million people have a right to know who he is. At this level his personal privacy should come secondary.

I want to know: why his internet fund raising dropped all checks and safe-guards. He claims to be checking on donation validity afterward. How? Wouldn't it have been easier to let the credit card computer systems automatically check them in the first place? I and many others can only assume he is not only receiving illegal contributions from within the U.S. but also from overseas. Is he nothing more than a "Manchurian Candidate"? (cross out Manchurian insert any conspiracy).

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Greg said...

If he didn't have anything to hide in those records, you can be sure they'd be hailed as masterpieces. It's obvious there's much to hide, whether it is simply embarrassing (John Kerry's grades at Yale being so much poorer than Bush's) or whether it is so much Marxist claptrap like everything else in his past.
If he actually gets elected, I have only one thing to say to the majority in this country: "You deserve everything you get from this disaster."