Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Red State of Oregon

Is Oregon really a Blue State? Here's Oregon's electoral delegates choices by year.

1900 republican
1904 republican
1908 republican
1912 democrat (Woodrow Wilson over incumbent Taft)
1916 republican
1920 republican
1924 republican
1928 republican
1932 democrat (Franklin Roosevelt over incumbent Hoover)
1936 democrat (Roosevelt)
1940 democrat (Roosevelt)
1944 democrat (Roosevelt)
1948 republican
1952 republican
1956 republican
1960 republican
1964 democrat (L.B.J. over Barry Goldwater)
1968 republican
1972 republican
1976 republican
1980 republican
1984 republican
1988 democrat (Dukakis over Bush Sr.)
1992 democrat (Clinton over Bush Sr.)
1996 democrat (Clinton over Bob Dole)
2000 democrat (Gore over Bush Jr.)
2004 democrat (Kerry over Bush Jr.)

2008 ???

My Analysis:
First let me say I'm not as accomplished a history reader as Gordon or Ron. I'm more the Joe six pack, common sense, gut reaction sort of guy.

Wilson over Taft in 1912 I'm not familiar with.

Roosevelt in 1932 was obviously a pendulum swing from the crash of wall street 1929. Roosevelt remained in office for three reasons. One: the great depression continued, some say longer than it would have without government interference. Two: Roosevelt had an incredible political machine behind him. Three: He ignored the founding father's value of limiting presidents to two terms. It later had to be added to the Constitution to prevent a similar long presidency from ever occurring again.

1964: Barry Goldwater . . .

Since 1988: One: the children of hippies come of age to vote. Two: hippies are now middle age and have come into positions of power (school boards, teachers, college professors, elected officials). Three: the affluence gained since the second world war reaches a peak with a spurt from the Reagan years. Lower class people who suddenly find themselves well-to-do can't handle it and feel guilty about having a good life while somewhere in the world there are poor people. (For an example of sudden-wealth guilt just look at Hollywood actors turned activists).

Since 1988 alternative analysis: Oregonians don't like the name Bush (or Texans?), and even I didn't really want to vote for Bob Dole.

One: Stop feeling guilty for having a good standard of living that you yourself worked for. It's completely natural for any organism to strive to better its own predicament. Two: The sooner the acid dropping, kum-ba-yah, liberal, socialist hippies die the better.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

Sorry, I meant to comment on this one and then, in all the excitement, I forgot.

Taft in 1912: Teddy Roosevelt with third party--the Bull Moose Party--and split the Republican vote with Taft.

Since 1988: Oregon started experimenting with vote-by-mail, also known as postal fraud or mail from the grave, in 1981, and made it mandatory for all elections in 1998. Ballots are free for the asking. Take as many as you like.