Monday, November 3, 2008

Sheetrock done . . . almost

All the sheetrock is hung. It's nice to have the walls covered again. It's actually beginning to look like a room again. Well, almost all the sheetrock is done. I still have to build soffits on two walls in the kitchen and one in the (breakfast nook) extension. I want to do the soffits nice and straight and level so they will meet with the cabinet tops. I would have completed these sunday, but my back is killing me again.

For those who don't know I have a pinched nerve or herniated disc or something in my back just below the base of the neck (C7 or maybe T1). It's causing me intense pain in my back, my left shoulder and left arm. It's also causing some tingling and numbness in my arm off and on. It's been going on for about 10 weeks now. At times it's gotten better but came back last thursday pretty bad and doing what sheetrock I did this weekend was all I could stand. I see my doctor this afternoon. I did a few sessions of massage/chiropractor which may have helped but wasn't a fix. I had a similar episode of this 2 years ago. It was less intense then and my doc just had me do physical therapy.

Anyway, back to the kitchen (bad pun?). I had a call from Dad and he wants to come up and help with the finishing of the sheetrock. He'll be here Wednesday. I think I may finish what I have, build the soffits later and sheetrock and finish them then. The texturing I'm still deciding on. Do I hire a pro for a 1-1/2 hour job, do I get Mike Sparrow to come do it, or do I buy or borrow the sprayer tool and shoot it myself?

What looks bad is while I sit and moan in intense pain, my 79 year old father will be up on scafolding finishing sheetrock.

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Aunty Joy said...

I am still enjoying your remodel. Please let us know how your back is doing - lots of us out here in cyberland care. Aloha, Joyce