Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I haven't posted in a while, but there's not much new. The neck feels more stable and I sleep better with less caution at turning over. I still feel more pain on my right side, but hope it will eventually go away with the healing process and not require more surgery. I have a follow up with the surgeon on Friday after christmas.

I spend my days pretty much taking it easy with at least one nap if not two. I've gotten out today and yesterday for a short walk in the snow with Beth and the dogs. Today I slipped on one foot and caught myself. No fall but a slight jolt up the spine. A good reminder that although my surgery was done short-stay/out-patient it still was major surgery by any other description.

If I go to bed early and sleep in, I wake up with considerable pain when moving. Like someone really beat me up good. The long time in bed means the pain meds have worn off. Another reminder that I've had major surgery.

With the kitchen remodel having the place torn up we have not done any Christmas decorating at all. I wrapped the couple of presents for Beth that I bought before surgery. It's short of what I would usually get her but haven't had the time or opportunity. With the surgery and the snow storm we've been home-bound and getting cabin fever.

Tomorrow we'll spend the day at her mothers as usual. We've got the chains on the 4 wheel drive and should have no problems getting there and back.

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Mom and Dad said...

Just let us know what the Dr. says !
Always a MOM