Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Health Status Dec 9

I'm back at work this morning. Monday I had called in sick. It's been a strange weekend of symptoms. I'll try to keep these explanations short.

The pain med narcotics have a side effect of constipation, that situation feels better this morning but is not completely unblocked or gone.

The irritable/painful bowels was only a brief flair up and was healed by sunday morning.

The acid reflux / stomach ulcer flair up of late sunday and monday is better this morning.

The back situation has changed over the last week and a half. I no longer have the extremely painful muscle spasm/knots, but still have some minor pains. The neurosurgeon prescribed Norco as a pain med. Norco is a version of vicodin, so this is a step down from the percocet I was taking, but since the muscle knots are mostly gone it's enough. Whether the decrease is due to some recovery of the bulging disc or that the nerve damage is going beyond that I can't say. I've had an increase is muscle tremor in the arms.

I had Flu like symptoms most of the weekend. Periods of clammy sweatings and episodes of teeth chattering, body shaking chills. Whether it was the flu or nerve related I don't know. This morning I've only had very minor signs of these.

Considering everything, I actually feel pretty good this morning. If I can actually get something accomplished at work I would feel really good.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

Sweats and chills, huh? Sounds like narcotics withdrawal.

Just kidding (I hope)!