Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm not squeamish, are you?

Below is a "reply/comment" to an article about the Mumbai terrorist's and their origins and reasons. I completely agree that this is one of the main differences between conservatives and liberals. I'm all for Reagan, white-hat-wearing, cowboy-style diplomacy.

The real problem is that far too many people around the world have become squeamish about killing the bad guys. Liberals are cowards at their core, and rather than simply acknowledge this and go on about their pathetic lives, they have to convince everyone else that their's is the correct path, and it's not really cowardice, it is "intellectualism", or civilized behavior, or some such nonsense. It is a very seductive argument, because who would not want to live in peace and leave the hard choices to others? In the mean time, the criminals, the psychotics, the terrorists, the barbarians, grow stronger and more plentiful.

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