Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai Bobbies

The weekend's news story.
(photo is not of India's police, but a historical British "Bobby".)
Bapu Thombre, assistant commissioner with the Mumbai railway police, said the police were armed mainly with batons or World War I-era rifles and spread out across the station. snip

As the siege at dragged on, local police improperly strapped on ill-fitting bulletproof vests. Few had two-way radios to communicate. snip

But the National Security Guards, which largely devotes its resources to protecting top officials, is based outside of New Delhi and it took the commandos nearly 10 hours to reach the scene. snip

Even the commandos lacked the proper equipment, including night vision goggles and thermal sensors that would have allowed them to locate the hostages and gunmen inside the buildings, Sahni said.

What strikes me about this story is not that there's a country in this world with an inadequate and outdated police force, but that the same country has nuclear weapons.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

And just sent a probe into Moon orbit. Can we cut the foreign aid now?