Saturday, December 6, 2008

New meds

The neurosurgeon, Dr. Darrell Brett, has taken over my therapy and wrote my new prescriptions for meds yesterday. Norco (a pain killer), Zanaflex (a muscle relaxant), and Lunesta (a sleeping pill). I continue to take the Prilosec.

I was taking Prilosec (acid reducer for my now cured ulcer), Percocet (narcotic pain killer, a step above vicodin) and occasional Unisom (sleeping pill because narcotics lead to insomnia). I was also taking the unisom to help with my anxiety level of laying in bed thinking the worst. I still take the prilosec because all the drugs along with the pain and anxiety can be harsh on the tummy.

Yesterday Beth went to Freds pharmacy to get them, she picked up a percocet renewal (which I'll keep in reserve), the Norco, and Lunesta. The Zanaflex had to be ordered. Anyway, she got these and paid for them and had them home before I found out what the Lunesta costs. If I had known the price I would have told her to skip that one, after all it's just a sleeping pill. One script of Lunesta is $247 ! The others have generic counterparts and are reasonably priced, though I've yet to see the cost of the zanaflex.

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