Monday, January 12, 2009


Last week was the first 40 hour week I've put in in nearly a month. Saturday and Sunday I slept til 9am and took naps also. I was beat. In addition to that last week was emotionally rough with losing Marshall Monday morning.

At work: last month there was a mix up of whether I had been laid off or not and the I.T. department began canceling my computer access and accounts. We got that straightened out shortly before the break. This last week I went to make an outgoing phone call on Thursday to discover my phone has been dis-connected. It still had a clock date/time on it (until I tried replugging the cord in). Anyway, sent in an online request to get that reconnected and then sent an email to my engineer and manager. I was laughing about it, but the manager was upset. I'm a "first responder" from our department to the other departments to fix problems and he was not happy to have other departments unable to contact me.

About Fuzz-Butt: I'm doing better this week. I've worked through the worst of the grief and confronted the guilt also. The guilt over not noticing something or not doing more. We did all we could for the knowledge and understanding we had at the time. My way of working through that was to talk to Marshall in heaven and to ask for and receive his forgiveness. Friday (or was it Saturday) Beth ended up crying at night and when we talked it seems she's feeling the same sort of guilt. We're both good at beating ourselves with sticks. I told her what I had done. Hopefully she'll get through it also. She's good at trying to swim across that river "De-Nile".

The Neck: I'm doing better every day with that. Sunday and today I've been drug-free, not even aspirin. I still have some soreness which comes and goes. Still on my right side, which is opposite of the original problem. I occasionally have a shooting spasm or electrical jolt which freaks me out. But they're rare enough not to worry about. Had one Sunday night while watching tv. An electrical shock that went from my neck across my left chest to my left hip and at the same time through my left elbow area. Made me jump I'll tell you. When I told Beth, the first thing she thought was heart-attack. No. . . I don't think so.

At Home: In addition to her Quilting obsession Beth is becoming obsessed with biking. I think this is mainly for getting in shape along with her weight-watchers. Her brother took up bicycling a few years ago and has drop 30 or so pounds. Beth has outfitted both the bike and herself for all-weather riding and is trying to ride every day I think. Rain or Shine. I said no thanks and stayed home with the dog and read a book. I'm more of a fair weather sort of biker. Besides I'm not ready to brace my shoulders against the handlebars of a bike for hours. Not with a neck not fully healed. I may get fenders on my bike for the days of sunshine on wet roads in between showers, but pouring rain is not my idea of fun riding.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

Your bike should have those old fashioned riser bars so that you can sit in a more upright position than the racing-style ten speed. That's hard on your neck.

As for the heart attack, Leslie started in a couple of years ago interpreting my every ache and pain as signs of "the big one" coming on. I put a stop to that by doing 100 jumping jacks every morning. What the doctors call a stress test. If I'm going to keel over, it will be during my morning exercises. If I make it through them, I'm good for the day.

It's good to hear your neck's getting better.