Thursday, January 8, 2009


The week drags on. Things are slowly getting better, but it's been a really crappy week. Even this morning I had a hard time when I thought about how I'll never have Marshall (Fuzz-Butt) sitting in my lap again.

Other things. Work continues, but with all of last years layoffs the place seems slow and quiet. Last month they had a mix-up and I.T. started deleting my email, accounts, and computer access. Today I tried to use my desk phone and found it's been disconnected. I'm still in the mode of being surprised each monday morning to find whether or not my badge opens the door and that I'm employed another week.

Was thinking yesterday about why losing Marshall has been so difficult. A couple of years ago I gave up a friendship with an old college buddy. He never grew up and his sense of humor became intolerable, among other things. Anyway this has left me essentially without any friends. Add to that having changed jobs several times, the work friends have come and go. The closest friend at Atch.Pee. is now gone, layed off last month. Without friends, Marshall was the best friend I had.

One day at a time . . . I just need to get through this week . . .

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