Friday, January 23, 2009

Wait a Minute . . .

A government bureau / process that's actually easy???

Filed for unemployment benefits today. Couldn't do it online due to working for Atch.Pee. in Washington state, so I had to call the center. The new centers are all online or telephone operators. There's no more actually going down to a building somewhere and standing in line. Called the number and because their answering computer had just crashed the phone was actually answered by a person. I had the claim complete in less than 15 minutes. It was surprising what few questions there were. It seems they have computer access to all the employer and wage instantly (actual efficiency).

With unemployment, Beth's incomes, and our room boarder we should be OK. We won't be paying off much of the medical bills though. Let's hope the recession isn't too long, cause there's a lot of high-tech people getting the heave-ho and the chance of me landing a job doesn't look great.

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