Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All the cabinets in place

West wall (northwest corner). The arch is the short hallway which opens onto the dining room and the rest of the house and also to the family room. The old cabinet layout had the stove at the end. I wanted countertop space on both sides of the stove even if its only 12 inches. This also gives a cabinet as the view when entering the kitchen, not the side of a stove. The old layout also had no ventilation at all. This hood has two little halogen lights with low and high. It's nice to see things on the stove.
West wall, southwest corner. Yes the corner is a standard lazy susan cabinet, but heh, what else is there really?
South wall main kitchen area. I literally picked up the old sink out of the old cabinet complete with plumbing and disposal attached and set it onto this one. It sits flat and fairly secure just sitting there. We don't have the funds for the solid surface countertops yet, so we're talking about cheap temporary alternatives. But before I've even done the temporary I threw down some old left over pieces of fake tile masonite and presto we've moved into the new kitchen. This would be the "Pre - Temporary" countertops?
South wall, extension area. The baking center cabinet. The base cabinets are an extra One inch taller than standard and the baking center cabinet is two inches taller. This cabinet is the one which will receive the maple cutting board top that has been in Beth's family for years.
North wall of the extension area. The refrigerator is once again hooked up to water for in the door water and ice. The microwave has a dedicated circuit for its plug. I was worried the "wall oven" door would all but hit the floor, but it turns out not to be bad at all. You do bend over more than a regular stove so you have to be careful about the heat hitting you in the face when you open it. The oven is inside a tin shield which has a fan which kicks on anytime it gets hot. This is how it can be placed into a wood cabinet and not burn it (always wondered myself).
Northeast corner. Here's the back stairs leading to the back porch and driveway, and to the basement. The peninsula makes a great "drop your purse" area as you walk in.
North wall. This is the Pantry Hutch. The idea was to resemble a free standing hutch piece of furniture. It has a built out base and crown moulding top. The upper doors also have removeable panels and will receive glass at some point in the future. The bottom cabinet may also receive solid surface countertop along with the rest of the kitchen. It was built by the cabinet makers with a wood stained top.

This cabinet had to be very shallow. The bottom cabinet is 8" deep and the top is 7". The countertop of the bottom is 9-1/4" deep. The reason for this is it stands right in the pathway between the back door and the entry to the rest of the house. The backdoor is also the entrance to the full basement which gets considerable use. The previouse owners of the house actually had their refrigerator standing here. You had to do zigzag dance every time you walked between the two doors.
And back around to the northwest corner again. One thing to note here is that the refrigerator (with doors off) should be able to navigate through this door (it came in that way some months back). It should be able to get past the upper cabinets. However the base cabinet is a problem. My solution is to insure that the small base cabinet to the right of the stove remains removeable. The flooring will be installed under it and just a few screws and it can be moved out of the way along with the stove.

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