Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger's Block Breaking

Haven't blogged in a long time. Nothing seems all that exciting lately.

Politics; Obama and the Dem's. It makes me want to laugh, but unfortunately these are serious things these imbeciles are playing at. Geithner's new trillion dollar plan to buy up toxic assets. Wait a minute. . . isn't that what they said they were going to do when they sold us on the first trillion dollar plan 6 months ago? The feigned outrage at bonuses that they wrote specific protections for into the bill at the beginning. The constitutionally illegal dog and pony show bill to get the bonus money back. The fact that people are worried about the bonuses ( 1/10th of 1 percent) and not all that concerned about the other 99.9%. The admin's pleading with foreign governments to assist with the stimulus. Why should they when were doing it for them. A good part of that 99.9% (of american taxpayer money) went to overseas companies.

Career; Been doing just enough job hunting to satisfy the unemployment people. Enjoying receiving unemployment for the first time in my life. Giving myself time to recover from the surgery and to do house projects. Had one company call me in for an interview. They found me on, I hadn't applied to them. It was more than I felt qualified for so I didn't interview very positively and of course haven't heard from them again. I suppose if I had been beaming with confidence and B.S.'d them that I could do it, I might have had a chance, but the thought of being let go later and not qualifying for unemployment kept me from taking the risk.

Projects; The kitchen is at a stand-still at the moment. I want to do a temporary countertop of some sort, something for a year or two until debts are paid and savings are recovered, but haven't settled on just how much effort or money should go into a temporary item. I think I'll just put down the 1/2 inch plywood that will go under the solid-surface countertop, but paint it up nicely with a good hard enamel paint. Perhaps do a temporary backsplash with the extra 1/2 inch plywood also. This would be the cheapest alternative (2 sheets of good 1/2 inch plywood) and also not be thrown away when the actual countertop is installed over it in the future.

In the mean time with the weather finally turning warmer I've returned to working on the back porch windows. The second set of three large windows were built last summer but never had the glazing and painting finished. Two of the three are now done and I've ripped out the old windows and will do the framing today.

Health; I believe the back is getting better. For quite a while not I've had some stiffness and soreness in the shoulders and shoulder blade region. I'm beginning to think it's cause is my ongoing stress and not all that related to the injury or surgery. I had a few beers for my birthday the other day and the next morning woke up without pain or stiffness in my back for the first time in a long time. I've been battleing stress for several years now, but starting new healthy habits and daily routines of healthy activities is not my strong suit.

In other developments, I'm having another bout of Plantar Fasciitis. Too much hiking the neighborhood concrete sidewalks in worn out tennis shoes. Also not enough stretching and too much sitting at office desks. I've been stretching the calf muscles and achilles tendon and also the plantar region and things are getting better again. The actual pain is from damage already done and the only cure for that is to stay off it and let time heal the inflamation. I built a slanted board to stand on and to put under my feet while watching tv. It's pretty good at helping to stretch the calf muscles.

Events; We're hosting Easter this year. I started to get the back yard into shape. Our back lawn has become hilly tufts of grass with deep gully runnels in-between. I've tried re-seeding and filling in-between with mulch but with no luck in the past. Without research I'm just guessing but I think the problem may be insects and grubs, so for the first time I've treated the lawns with an insecticide. I also reseeded and fertilized with a weed and feed. It may not be changed much by Easter, but hopefully it'll fix the gully problem in the long run. It's become bad enough you nearly twist your ankle just walking on it.

Animals; Toby is doing quite well as the only dog. He's really enjoying finally coming into his own, being top dog and being the sole recipient of attention. Pyro the cat is getting more and more senile and crotchety in his old age. He seems to forget where his food bowl is and comes into the house yowling as if saying "where is everyone?". Being woken up in the middle of the night by a senile cat. . . the pleasures of pet ownership.


Mom and Dad said...

Thanks for the up-date Randy. It's good to hear from you. I can feel for Pyro --It's no fun getting OLD !

Julie said...

I swear by "Super Feet" insoles for plantar fasciitis. They go for about $35 a pair but they last for a long time. Course I still blame my worst case of PF on pregnancy, but you can't use that excuse. I can definitely sympathize with the discomfort especially those first ten steps out of bed in the morning. Ouch!!