Friday, March 6, 2009

Bridget is Back!

Bridget the Cutting Board is re-installed in the kitchen. On another note, I used "craigslist" for the first time yesterday afternoon to get rid of the old portable dishwasher. Should have asked more . . . it was bought within a couple of hours and they came and got it today.


Greg said...

You didn't state the price, but if you got $10 plus uhaul, you're probably doing good. I once bought a used dw for $50, used it for two years, and sold it again...for $50!

Mom and Dad said...

Those cabinets are SOOOO!!
pretty !!!

Rob Miller said...

Kelsey bought a gigantic sectional couch for $125. We couldn't get the past owner's dog smell out, so we resold it for $400. That is the wonder of craigslist!