Tuesday, May 19, 2009

37 years of progress

The Fed's are going to push for an increase in fuel economy from American auto manufacturers. They're pushing for 42 mpg from cars and 35 mpg from truck/car combined average. I've seen lots of commercials since last summer's $4/gallon gas, many touting their marvelous 33 or 34 mpg innovations. I always find myself shaking my head in disbelief at their pitiful advance in technology.

My 1972 Datsun got 35 mpg! 1972, that's 37 years ago. It had the simplest carburetor made, had push-rod valves, and not one single computer chip anywhere!

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Greg said...

Compare that to an early 20th century technology that has regressed badly since then:
As he says, we don't need 200mph trains. We need schedules that match those of 1934!