Monday, May 4, 2009


Years ago when I was in the Air Force I was stationed in Spain for a time. Long enough that we tested for and received Spanish driver's licenses. After a few weeks on station I bought a used car from an older gentleman for a few hundred dollars. I wasn't much into photography back then so I ended up coming back to the States without thinking to document all my time there in photos.

Here is the closest match I've come up with from the internet. It's a 1968 Fiat 850. Mine was a 'Seat 850'. (I've forgotten what year it was.) Seat is Spanish made Fiat. It was a rear engine, rear wheel drive, with a four cylinder 850cc engine. My motorcycle was bigger than that.

The trick was to get the speed up and then do everything to keep the momentum going, including doing tire-squealing slides around the hair-pin corners on the way to the city. Between the local little town and the city on the other side of the island was a road which crossed over the mountain range. There were 28 hair-pin switchbacks going up one side and 30 going down the other. What a blast! I miss that little car.

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Gordon R. Durand said...

I remember driving a VW Bug. There were basically two positions for the throttle. Off, as when you were using the brake; and mashed to the floor, as when you were trying to accelerate (downhill) or not slow down so much that you had to down-shift (uphill or on level pavement with a headwind). Intermediate positions of the throttle had no effect whatever.