Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Monseigneur

I've been reading "A Tale of Two Cities" by Dickens. When I came to chapter VII "Monseigneur in Town" where he describes the great French lord and his court and courtiers, I kept having images of Obama and our current federal government popping into my head. Don't know why . . .

In the chapter Dickens makes many points about the ruling class, but the one that I came away remembering was their disconnect with reality. The ruling class may always live in a different reality from the common citizens, but what gets me is how many liberal voters, sitting around Starbucks drinking frappy-lattes and discussing the woes of Africa, have followed them into their unreality.

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Greg said...

I think that's what makes classic literature classic--the universal themes that can apply to any age. While I can't begin to get into a rant on current events, I do still laugh about going, back in spring '08, to see Verdi's opera of MacBeth. I couldn't help seeing, over and over again, the parallels between Lady MacBeth and Hillary Clinton. The unrestrained lust for power, and the inevitable tragic downfall it causes, were just too obvious. The ancient Greeks knew all about it of course, and Shakespeare and Verdi just elaborate on the themes.